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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get started?

Sign up for free to access our database of helpers. We have screened and published their employment histories, skills-set and transfer dates for your consideration.

Once you are keen to interview the helpers, you can purchase online our Premium plan ($79) to have immediate access to all helpers’ phone numbers for 30 days. You can contact helpers directly to interview them conveniently at your place or our office.

We then handle the entire hiring process on your behalf, in a 100% digital way. Contractual documents, work permit, insurance and security bond. Everything is included.

I am a first-time employer, do I have to take a course before hiring a helper?

Yes, if you are a first-time employer, under the Ministry of Manpower's regulation, you must undertake a mandatory Employers' Orientation Programme (EOP) before you can hire a helper. This online course It will help you understand your role and responsibilities as an employer.

We are proud to be the only employment agency in Singapore accredited by the Ministry of Manpower to provide this online course.

You can sign up by visiting 

What is your premium pass?

Our Premium pass ($49 instead of $79) allows you to have immediate access to all helpers’ phone numbers for 30 days. You can contact helpers directly to interview them conveniently at your place.

How long does it take to confirm a helper through your agency?

On average, it takes employers 2 weeks to browse profiles, conduct interviews and decide on a helper to hire. If you have clearly determined your needs and expectations in the beginning of the hiring process, you’ll have a much better chance of success. 

As helpers generally have short timelines to find a new employer, do schedule interviews with helpers you are interested in as soon as you are able to. Most helpers are only able to go for face-to-face interviews on their off days. However, some are available on weekdays and Saturdays as well, should their current employer allow them to go out. They can also be available at the end of their workday for a Whatsapp or video call.

Do I have to pay any loans or salary deduction on behalf of the helper?

No. As an ethical employment agency, we do not charge any fees to helpers who apply at our agency to look for new employers. 

There is no upfront 'loan' to make on their behalf and you can stress-free start the employment relationship. There is no debt between both parties.

This is fair and transparent for all.

Are all helpers for hire displayed on your website?

Yes, all helpers that have received from their current employer the consent to transfer and passed our screening are displayed on our website. New helper profiles are added on a regular basis.

Is there free replacement?

Yes, we provide 'free replacements' options within 1 month, 3 months, or 6 months. We opt for transparent pricing and promote long-term employment relations whenever possible.

I found a helper on my own, can you handle the hiring?

Yes, we would be happy to assist you! You can refer to the above 'Hiring a helper' pricing table for the exact cost.
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