Janette Ruma

Available on the 31st July
Currently in: Singapore

 - Catholic
42 years old
12 years of work experience in Singapore
Married4 children
Current salary: $850
Expected salary: $850

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Diet: No specific diet
Cooking skills: Pasta, salad, soup, pizza, quiche, fried any kind of meat like chicken, pork or beef, steamed fish, pasta like carbonara, bolognese, etc... Different types of soup like creamy pumpkin and potatoes, carrots and broccoli, etc.. Different types of salads like butter head lettuce with tomatoes, olives, cucumber and more

Employment History

Employment Dates
Employer Citizenship
Job Scope
Reason For Leaving
26 September, 2017-
Cooking, Cleaning, Marketing, Toddler (2 years old), Child care (6, 10 & 13 years old), Landed house (3 storey)
Completed contract, 2 years 8 months, Employer is relocating
10 January, 2017-26 September, 2017
Cooking, Cleaning, 4 Cats, Condo (3 bedrooms)
Employer no longer needed a helper
15 October, 2012-10 January, 2017
Malaysian Chinese
Cooking, Cleaning, Child care (2 years old), 3 Cats, Semi detached house (two storey)
Completed contract, 4 years 3 months, Employer left Singapore
14 August, 2012-15 October, 2012
Cooking, Cleaning, Child care (6 & 8 years old), Condo (8 bedrooms)
Cannot adapt to employer's vegetarian diet
2 October, 2010-14 August, 2012
Cooking, Cleaning, Toddler (1 year old), Condo
Completed contract, 2 years, Did not renew - looking for weekly off day
6 August, 2010-2 October, 2010
Cooking, Cleaning, Child care (7 & 9 years old), Condo
Employer did not follow contract (no off day, no bed)
10 June, 2008-2 June, 2010
Singaporean Chinese
Cooking, Cleaning, Child care (9 years old), Elderly care (78 years old grandfather with dementia), HDB (3 bedrooms)
Completed contract, 2 years
12 March, 2008-10 June, 2008
Singaporean Chinese
Cooking, Cleaning, Toddler (1 year old), HDB (3 bedrooms)
Employer asked her to work in two houses

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