Florecita De.

Available on the 31st May
Currently in: Singapore

 - Catholic
49 years old
14 years of work experience in Singapore
Married0 children
Current salary: $700
Expected salary: $800

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Diet: No specific diet
Cooking skills: Chicken curry, pasta, stir fry vegetables, Fried bihon, fried rice

Employment History

Employment Dates
Employer Citizenship
Job Scope
Reason For Leaving
27 March, 2018-
British - Indian
Cooking, Cleaning, Child care (1 years old), Condo
Completed contract, 2 years
1 November, 2016-9 March, 2018
Cooking, Cleaning, HDB
Unable to adapt to vegetarian diet, 1 year 5 months
18 February, 2015-1 November, 2016
Cooking, Cleaning, Newborn care (1 months old), Condo
Employer left/is leaving Singapore, 1 year 9 months
8 November, 2014-18 February, 2015
Cooking, Cleaning, Child care (3 & 5 years old), HDB
Unable to handle the child, 4 months
17 August, 2013-16 June, 2014
Chinese - French
Cooking, Cleaning, Newborn care (newborn & 2 years old), Condo
Heavy workload, Went back home to rest, 10 months
5 August, 2010-17 August, 2013
Singaporean Chinese
Cooking, Cleaning, Dog, Child care (9 & 10 years old), Laundry & Ironing, HDB
Completed contract, 3 years, Employer no longer needs a helper as the children have grown
16 April, 2010-5 August, 2010
Cooking, Cleaning, With other helper, Condo
Cannot adapt to the employers diet, 3 months
30 September, 2006-16 April, 2010
Singaporean Chinese
Cooking, Cleaning, Child care (5 & 7 years old), Condo
Completed contract, 3 years 6 months
11 May, 2005-29 August, 2006
Singaporean Chinese
Cleaning, Child care (2 & 5 years old), HDB
Language barrier with ahma, 1 year 3 months

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