Transfer helper available on 26th April 2019

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 - Catholic
39 years old
5 years of work experience in Singapore
Single1 children
Current salary: $750
Expected salary: $800

Diet: No specific diet
Cooking skills: I can cook very well on Chinese foods, examples are sweet and sour pork, steamed fish, steamed chicken, some vegetable dishes, Chinese soup, fried rice, pineapple chicken and some Thai foods as well

Employment History

Start DateEnd DateNationalityJob scopeReason for Leaving
25th July 2015Singaporean ChineseCooking, Cleaning, Dog, 5 adults in the house, Elderly care for 10 months, CondoCompleted contract, Recommendation available
01st November 201201st November 2014Chinese Malaysian(Employment in Malaysia)Toddler (1 - 3 years old), Child care (3 - 8 years old), Cooking, Cleaning, Child minding, Two storey landed houseCompleted contract
01st September 201001st September 2011Lebanese(employment in Dubai)Child care (3 - 8 years old), Cleaning, Child minding, CondoFinish contract one year
01st February 200801st February 2010Cantonese(Employment in Hong Kong)Newborn (0 - 1 year old), Toddler (1 - 3 years old), Child care (3 - 8 years old), Cooking, Cleaning, Take care of newly born, ApartmentCompleted contract
29th August 200310th June 2004British Toddler (1 - 3 years old), Cooking, Cleaning, Child minding, Tutoring , CondoEmployer left/is leaving Singapore
02nd April 200329th August 2003BritishToddler (1 - 3 years old), Child care (3 - 8 years old), Cooking, Cleaning, CondoEmployer left/is leaving Singapore

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