Betty Tal

Available on the 30th April
Currently in: Singapore

 - Christian
42 years old
12 years of work experience in Singapore
Single mum2 children
Current salary: $700
Expected salary: $750

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Diet: No specific diet
Cooking skills: Chicken curry, shepherds pie, lasagna, different types of pasta and their sauce white or red or seafood style, blended soup like pumpkin leak etc. Miso soup, kimchi fried rice, sushi, tempura, baked whole marinated chicken stuff with vegetables, sweet and sour pork, baked or grilled chicken wings, salmon with teriyaki sauce vegetable curry tomyum soup, laksa noodles, different type of noodles fried or Udon and etc. Bake potatoes or salad, few types of salad with meat fruits or vegetarian, black and chilli crab

Reference letter(s)

Employment History

Employment Dates
Employer Citizenship
Job Scope
Reason For Leaving
30 June, 2018-
Cooking, Cleaning, Washing car, Gardening, Penthouse
Employer left/is leaving Singapore, 2 years
4 February, 2017-30 June, 2018
Chinese - American (same as previous employer)
Refer to previous job scope
Employer left/is leaving Singapore, Total of 8 years (moved with employer from Hong Kong)
3 July, 2015-18 June, 2016
Chinese - American
Cooking, Cleaning, Child care (3 & 8 years old)
Went back for family emergency
3 July, 2008-11 October, 2008
Cooking, Cleaning, Child minding (2 & 6 year old)
Helper moved to work in Hong Kong
15 May, 2008-3 July, 2008
Cooking, Cleaning, Child minding (7, 12, 16 & 18 years old)
Temporary arrangement - replacement while helper was on holidays in the Philippines, 2 months
27 November, 1999-25 June, 2007
Chinese Singaporean
Cooking, Cleaning, Child minding (7 & 10 years old), Car washing, HDB
7.5 years

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