Armie Reg

Available on the 15th November

 - Catholic
40 years old
5 years of work experience in Singapore
Married2 children
Current salary: $650
Expected salary: $700

Diet: No specific diet
Cooking skills: Chicken and pork adobe, chicken and pork soup, stir fry and spaghetti

Employment History

Employment Dates
Employer Citizenship
Job Scope
Reason For Leaving
26 December, 2018-
British - Japanese
Cleaning, condo , cooking & marketing
Employer move to England
16 August, 2018-26 December, 2018
Child care (3 - 8 years old), Cooking, Cleaning, 2 storey house
Unable to handle the workload
1 November, 2014-16 August, 2018
Indian Singaporean - Filipino
Child care (3 - 8 years old), Cleaning, Dog, 3-room HDB, cooking & marketing , sending & fetching the kidsin school
Completed contract, 3 years 9 months

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