Anilyn Bab

Transfer helper available on 19th September 2019

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 - Catholic
48 years old
10 years of work experience in Singapore
Single mum3 children
Current salary: $800
Expected salary: $790

Diet: No specific diet
Cooking skills: Crepe All curry cakes bread grill all dishes asian

Employment History

Start DateEnd DateNationalityJob scopeReason for Leaving
01st April 2017South African - Chinese Cooking, Cleaning, Newborn (from 3 months old)Completed contract
14th October 201501st April 2017BelgiumNewborn (0 - 1 year old), Toddler (1 - 3 years old), Cooking, CleaningCompleting contract - 18 months, Did not renew because the employer is pregnant with a third child
13th June 201414th October 2015British Newborn (0 - 1 year old), Toddler (1 - 3 years old), Cooking, CleaningCompleted contract, Employer left Singapore
18th July 201213th June 2014BritishNewborn (0 - 1 year old), Toddler (1 - 3 years old), Cooking, Cleaning, Landed House (3-storey)Too much work to handle
20th November 201110th July 2012AustralianToddler (1 - 3 years old), Child care (3 - 8 years old), Cooking, Cleaning, CondoEmployer would like to hire 2 helpers, and helper does not wish to work alongside a co-worker
29th September 201108th November 2011GermanChild care (3 - 8 years old), Cooking, CleaningUnable to adapt
21st July 200429th October 2007Singaporean ChineseNewborn (0 - 1 year old), Cooking, CleaningCompleted contract, 3 years

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