Ailen Dom

Available on the 1st April
Currently in: Singapore

 - Christian
50 years old
23 years of work experience in Singapore
Single children
Current salary: $700
Expected salary: $750

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Diet: No specific diet
Cooking skills: Sushi, udon, kimchi, miso soup, noodles, lasagna, bolognaise, salad, pizza, burger, cookies, cake, muffins

Reference letter(s)

Employment History

Employment Dates
Employer Citizenship
Job Scope
Reason For Leaving
11 February, 2016-
Cooking, Cleaning, Elderly care (with heart problem), Washing & Ironing, Grocery shopping
Completed contract, 4 years, Employer is leaving Singapore
2 May, 2015-11 February, 2016
Cooking, Cleaning, Child care (newborn and 1 year old), Condo
Employer left/is leaving Singapore, 9 months
19 August, 2010-2 May, 2015
Cooking, Cleaning, Child care (1 & 7 years old), Grocery shopping, Condo
Employer left/is leaving Singapore, 5 years
19 June, 2010-30 July, 2010
Cooking, Cleaning, Condo
No off-day , 1 month
16 January, 2010-19 May, 2010
Filipino Singaporean
Cooking, Cleaning, Child care (1 months old & 1 year old), HDB
No off-day , 5 months
11 November, 1995-16 January, 2010
Canadian - Singaporean
Cooking, Cleaning, Child care (4 months old), Gardening, Baking, Cooking baby food, Landed
Employer no longer needed helper as children left Singapore, 14 years

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