Covid-19 and Rest Days, Medicals and Hirings during Circuit Breaker

Marie Capdouze
Posted on April 8, 2020


What is the best arrangement for my helper’s rest day? Should I let my helper go out at all? 

With stricter measures taken at the national level, discuss the current COVID-19 situation with your helper and help her understand safety on her rest days is a priority.


All helpers must stay at home on their rest day. You may also discuss taking alternative rest days as well as minimising time spent outside.

If your helper spends her rest day at home without any work assigned for the work day, compensation is not required. However, if she agrees to forgo her rest day to work, you should compensate her accordingly

If your helper has important errands to attend to, advise her to minimise time spent outside and return home once she has completed her errands. Helpers should wear a mask when making essential trips. You and your helper may want to mutually agree on different rest days arrangements during this period. 

If your helper needs to send money back home, note that both POSB and Western Union offer online remittance alternatives on their respective apps and websites.


Help her understand this is a temporary arrangement to safeguard her and the family against any possible risks.  You can show your helper the different MOM educational material on COVID-19 in her first language, available here. If you have difficulties in communication, we can also discuss with her directly.



My helper is due for her six-monthly medical. Am I able to postpone it?

MOM has extended the due dates for helpers’ medical examinations by 3 months.

If you received the 6ME notification letter from 7 April 2020, the extended due date will be reflected on the letter. If you received the notification letter earlier, your helper has 3 more months from the due date stated on the letter to complete her 6ME.

You also may wish to consider using the home-based 6ME service which allows the examination to be done at home. The service provider’s healthcare personnel will go to your residence to collect the helper’s blood sample and 6ME form. You will receive the test results when they are ready, no need to collect them from the clinic.



Am I still able to hire a helper and / or let my helper transfer during this period? 


Yes, we continue to fully operate 7 days a week. If you or an acquaintance are looking to hire a transfer helper in Singapore, rest assured we are still able to complete the relevant processes for a helper to join you as per MOM regulations. We have always worked in a paperless manner, with electronic signature. Everything can be completed 100% digitally.


If you are interviewing candidates, we recommend to setup video calls with candidates to minimize face-to-face interactions. Helpers are also able to complete their application completely online. 


Our office in Lucky Plaza will be temporarily closed during this period, in accordance with the enhanced measures to limit the spread of COVID-19, but the team is available to assist you in this difficult time and ease the hiring of a helper.


We hope this clarifies some of your concerns, feel free to call us should you have any questions at +65 3163 4636 or email us at

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