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What is the Employers' Orientation Programme (EOP)
The Employers’ Orientation Programme is a 3-hour programme that will help you understand your role and responsibilities as an employer of a Migrant Domestic Worker (MDW).
How long is the EOP course?
The EOP course takes approximately 1 hour 30 minutes to be completed. It will help you understand your role and responsibilities as an employer of a Migrant Domestic Worker (MDW).
Do I need to study before taking the course?
There are no prerequisites, you can start now!
Can I stop the course halfway and complete it at a later time?
Yes! You can stop at any time and you will not lose your progress. To resume with the course, please login again with your Singpass.
Do you offer a classroom course as well?
We Are Caring only provides the EOP online course. To learn more about classroom options, you can visit MOM's website.
I am a foreigner and I don't have my work pass / permit card yet. Can I already take the course?
You will be able to register without the physical copy of your pass. If you do not have a SingPass yet to log in, you can email us at support@wearecaring.com for further assistance.
I am a diplomat or working for an international organisation and I don't have a FIN. How do I register?
We are able to assist in setting up your account manually. Please get in touch via email (support@wearecaring.com) or give us a call at (+65) 3165 1915.
I am a Frequent Change Employer, can I take the online EOP?
You are a Frequent Change Employer if you have changed more than 3 Migrant Domestic Workers (MDWs) within a 12 month period. In that case, if you want to apply for another one, you will have to attend the classroom EOP or attend an interview with MOM before we process your application. You cannot take the online EOP. You cannot appoint a representative to attend on your behalf.
I used to employ an MDW before 2004 and would like to employ a new MDW now. Do I still need to complete the EOP?
Yes, you will have to complete the EOP before employing a new MDW after 2004.
Who needs to attend the EOP?
You need to attend the EOP if: You are a first-time employer of an MDW. You need to attend either classroom or online EOP. You can be exempted if you meet certain criteria. You are an employer who has changed more than 3 MDWs within a 12-month period, and want to apply for another MDW.
In that case you cannot attend the online EOP. You would need to attend the classroom EOP or an interview with MOM, before your application can be processed.
You cannot appoint a representative to attend on your behalf.
Once I make the payment, do I receive the link to the course immediately? How long is it valid for?
Yes, you receive the URL link immediately in your mailbox and can start the course straight away! This link is valid for 180 days. If you did not complete the course within this timeframe, you are welcome to contact us by email support@wearecaring.com. We will reactivate your account at no cost.
I am abroad and will soon relocate to Singapore. Can I already register and access the course?
You may register and access the course from abroad if you already have a SingPass. Note that if your MDW follows you from overseas in your relocation, attending the EOP is still required as long as you are employing the MDW for the first time in Singapore.
How can I pay?
You can pay online by credit card Visa, Mastercard, American Express, JCB, Union pay or Paypal.
Do you provide a refund if I don't complete the course within 180 days?
No, there will be no refund once you have paid for the course. Once you register, you will have 180 days to complete the course.

After this time period of 180 days, we can manually re-activate your account at no costs if you had not yet completed the course.

Any questions?

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