Employer Orientation Programme (EOP): 3 tips to quickly pass it

David BensadonDirector, We Are Caring
Posted on July 8, 2018

You just found a helper and you need to hire asap, but you did not pass the Employer Orientation Programme (EOP) yet? You have your NRIC, Employment Pass or Dependant Pass but you don't have a SingPass?

We are happy to explain how you can get things done in - almost - no time.

1. Visit a Community Center - do not request your SingPass online

Singapore is the Smart Nation so you can of course visit SingPass website to request a setup password. It's OK, but you don't want to waste a week before you receive this password mailed to your registered residential address.

Instead, you should visit one of the 46 SingPass counters in Singapore. There is always one located in your neighborhood, the map is available on this page.

Bring your NRIC, Employment Pass, or Dependant pass, and you will be able to setup your SingPass within a few minutes.

Congratulations, you already saved a lot of time!

2. Register today for the online Employer Orientation Programme (EOP)

This time, the online option is best. As soon as you have your SingPass, register on the Singapore Polytechnic website. It costs $46. Please note a few things about this online course:

  • It only works with Windows computers. If you have a Mac, bad luck, you'll have to find another computer.
  • You will not receive a payment confirmation email. Don't be surprised about it.
  • You will only receive the Internet link to the course in your mailbox on the following working day.

Therefore, in order to avoid any extra delay, make sure you register and pay as soon as possible.

3. Validate the results of the course (it sounds obvious but it's not)

The online course takes more than 2 hours, it involves watching videos and regularly answering some questions. You then have to answer a final quizz. Nothing too difficult, right?

But be careful.

You are NOT done when you see the results of the quizz.

You must still validate the course at the bottom of the left menu - some employers overlook this last part causing that no information is transmitted to the Ministry of Manpower (MOM).

How to be sure that you successfully completed all the steps? It's easy. If you can download the PDF certificate, you're all done!


Congratulations, you managed to quickly pass the Employer Orientation Programme!

You are now officially a potential employer of a helper!

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